Friday, March 18, 2011

Primaeval Designs WIP

28mm gigantic dino madness!!!
For those of you who may not have found Primaeval Designs on Facebook, I thought I would share some pictures of work being done by Richard Deasey. Some of his new stuff he's working on is just epic as far as 28mm paleo miniatures go.

The T-rex with decorative plumage is a cool variation but the nest and separate T-rex chicks is inspired! These little guys are still big enough to be a threat to most adventurers and would make a nice alternative to the ubiquitous raptors for a pack encounter.

These minis are still a ways out, but Rich is incredibly prolific with his work. Craig at Acheson Creations is churning them out as fast as he can and so the Primaeval line is ever-growing.

Must go back to drooling now...



  1. Oh man I wish I could afford some of this! they have a dino exhibit at my zoo right now and I'd love to go. Hey that apatosaurus wire model looks really good. I can't wait to see flesh on it.

  2. He's not that pricey man. Craig does his big models in this amazing resin that has a nice, plastic model type finish.

  3. That's beautiful, really beautiful, may have to get one.


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