Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Project Toward a Usable Garage

Garage WIP
You may remember that last summer, my family and I moved out of our apartment and into a rented house. Well, the house is owned by some really cool folks who are like family to us and who are more than willing to work with us when it comes to making the house a home. Part of this is making the garage into a usable space for something other than storage.

More, less organized shelves. Six totes full of useful bits for terrain. Big chunks of styro. Roll-away drawers full of more terrain and hobby supplies with boxes full of finished terrain on top.

The most organized of my gaming shelves.
We've only recently managed to get the last of the boxes out of the garage after the move and the cold winter made the garage unbearable so it became a collection point for this and that. This weekend, however, we changed that. We got all the winter's clutter out and consolidated a few plastic storage totes. After that was done, my wife laid down some carpet tiles so we would no longer have to stand directly on cold concrete.

There is a lot to do, like installing a gas shop heater and a workbench, but hopefully by the time summer comes around, we'll have a place for our activities. My wife, a massage therapist by trade, will be able to work on her private clients (mostly friends and family) in a roomy and warm place and I'll be able to set up a gaming space (making a table top to fit over her massage table).

Should be fun!



  1. sounds like a great plan man! I look forward to seeing it realized. My gaming space has been very helpful to me as whenever I get an idea I can go out there and play it out in about five minutes.

  2. I feel your pain. I'm moving in a week. The actual move has to happen in 24hr period because our buyer needs to move in to our current house. Good news is, I'm getting a fantastic gaming space out it.


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