Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Would You Like a GameStorm Report?

Last year's GameStorm was very entertaining and I got to play a lot of games. In fact, there was so much stuff to report on the convention, that I ended up doing something like four or five blog posts and even submitted an audio report to the guys over at Minions of the Monster Master for inclusion in their podcast.

This year, I plan to take notes, but I also hope to have my laptop with me so I was curious how folks would like to see me report on the event. Of course a certain amount of reality and logistics will have to prevail, but I'm willing to entertain the possibilities.

I'll go ahead and put up a poll with a few options that I see as a realistic possibility. If you choose other, then please drop a comment on this post to explain your idea?

Have fun,



  1. Has it been a year already? If you want to submit another report we'd love to post it on the podcast.

  2. Yup a year again. This time next week, I'll be waking up on the last day of the con.


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