Sunday, November 21, 2010

Khurasan Previews Russian Inspired Future Tanks

Finally somebody has listened!

I count myself among many who have looked at the current and past crops of 15mm science fiction miniatures vehicles and asked why not a single one of them has any of the styling of the Russian designs that seem to have firmly imprinted themselves in modern Eastern European military designs. Well today, Khurasan Miniatures previewed just such a design on TMP.

Calling it the Red Banner (Krasny Znameni), Khurasan's design is a four tiered series of upgrades from a basic design up through the Banner-U (seen below), Red Eagle and Red Lightning designs. Designed by the excellent and multi-talented John Bear Ross The basic Red Banner tanks will be released ahead of the rest of the line it is designed to accompany with later kits being released to upgrade the basic design to the later variants. This is being done as Jon from Khurasan rightly believes there is a place for the tank in other scifi armies, much line Russian armor is seen in armies across out planet today.

I love this release, probably more so than just about any past release of Jon's because it really does fill a niche that I have been desperately wanting to see filled. I had already consigned myself to using converted modern armor for my future Russian-styled vehicles. I had always envisioned cheap Russian tanks as "Kolony Tanks" marketed to up and coming independent colony worlds for their defense, much like T-55s and T-72s are marketed to second and third world nations on present day Earth.

This is definitely a release to keep an I out for.



  1. Very nice. Let us know when they make an appearance.

  2. I like these. I think they could work very nicely!


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