Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Update of Sorts

Hey All,

I know that things have been slow around here, and I do apologize. Life has been a bit of itself of late and with me trying to teach myself how to sculpt is taking up a lot of time that would otherwise go to other hobby pursuits. The labor has been worth it and I have found that sculpting seems to be something I can do. I have finished sculpts to post, but I want to hold off on posting pics until after I have had a chance to submit them to for consideration for their SHM line of miniatures. But it is not all I have been doing.

I have also been working on getting another RPG game going after having my last one lose its way. This is an OSR affair with a little bit of added spice in the form of some of my favorite house rules, e.g. defense bonus and spell points along with a little modding of races to season the game world. It is coming along nicely so far with most of the characters having been made.

There has been some planning on the Alcovian Civil War front and some talk around the table about kicking out wayward Land Ironclads game back into gear. I've also been working with Rob over at Armchair General behind the scenes on his When The Navy Walked game. I even dragged out the old unfinished Shanty town and started working on repairing and upgrading that terrain some.

Unfortunately none of this stuff has really produced much that is worth posting about, leaving a nice hefty void in my blogging life but pushing projects ever closer toward being able to be posted. I even picked up a couple of pots of Citadel Devlin Mud to try my hand at the magical Dip technique.

Hopefully I will have a flood of stuff to start showing off and sharing in the near future.

Thanks for your patience,



  1. It happens to us all at times, good blogs are followed regardless.

  2. The link goes to a sex blog, beause you wrote:
    instead of:

    Interesting Blog

  3. Ack! Damned poachers!

    That sort of stuff happens all the time. Half the mistyped URLs I enter seem to go to hardcore Christian sites, oddly enough.

    Link fixed.

    Thanks, Slorm.


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