Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Stuff From Gaming Models

Gaming Models seems to be on the ball. Since my initially finding the place and a few emails back and forth with Craig, there have already been a few new releases. Now, I had nothing to do with these releases, but they do show the sorts of things that Gaming Models offers. In this case it is a host of captured French vehicles in use by the Germans during WW2 as well as the anti-tank version of the RSO.

Mosto f these models have German rockets attached in one fashion or another and look very lovingly rendered.

Good stuff!


P.S. Sorry for not including a link to Gaming Models' site in the last post. That has been corrected and a link included in this and all future post for the company.


  1. Thanks for this Eli, the LVT's (both full hull and waterline) are really tempting...

  2. I like the German rocket frames on the exterior. I always thought the Stukaderfuss (or whatever you call it) version of the Halftrack with the bombardment rocket frames to either side was really cool. These are as well. Gotta be a way to make these look more Victorian...


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