Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gaming Models - 15mm Tanks and Vehicles At Budget Prices (Link Added)

Hey all,

I have to say that I am shocked, amazed, and disappointed that I have never heard of Gaming Models until recently. While practicing the Interwar Tank kata of my Google-Fu I stumbled upon some pictures of a couple of pretty cool BT-7 tanks. This lead me to a review of several producers of said tank among which were those that had been featured in the picture I found. Following the links in the review I came upon Gaming Models.

Gaming Models is a small operation independent miniature vehicle producer that works specifically in 15mm and they have this to say about themselves on their home page -

"Gaming Models original sculptings are 15mm or 1/108th scale. These miniatures are made with the gamer in mind and are not intended to be fine scale models."

What does this mean? It means that they make nice-looking models at price that allows the gamer to buy more than a few without breaking the bank. Now, they are not likely to have as much detail as some of those others out there, but they aren't lacking much. I sincerely believe that their vehicles are more than adequate for the gaming table.

I will be honest, I do not own any of their miniatures yet, but I did look around online and asked around a bit and it seems they do a good job. You can read a good product over view review of their models at as well as reviews and comparisons of their models against other manufacturers in severla other posts at the same blog. They have a ton of pictures and will get you up to speed well before I could get enough product to do a fair job of it myself.

I guess what stands out for me about Gaming Models is the value. You will get a good model that may need a bit of cleanup but it will only cost you $4 in most cases even for the biggest tank (T-35, Char 2C, Elephant, etc). They have sets of 16 15mm bunkers for $30. The line is also living and the artist communicated in an email to me that he was now more able to do new models which means expansions to the line soon. Heck, he's even open to wish lists, suggestions and requests.

One last note I can make is that the pictures in the galleries, though extensive do not show every vehicle in their inventory. I found that they had two versions of both the T-28 and T-35 in their catalog even though the pics only show one version.

I feel a shopping list coming on! Alcovia needs tanks!


(Pictures from Game Models website. Used without permission for the purposes of spotlighting their product in this post.)


  1. Very decent looking stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great stuff! Nice find! I use 20mm myself but great stuff!

  3. Spread the wealth ..... as long as the company is kind and offers a decent product. good review !

  4. Good idea. A link to the Gaming Model website would be nice though. I'm intrigued by the French armour and the landing craft.

  5. My apologies. I thought I had put in the link. I will get that put on as soon as I am able to access the editor for the blog.



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