Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll Be Here For The Weekend!

Well, not quite. I'll actually be a bit west and downhill about four hours hike from the place in the picture. The picture isn't mine but it is exactly the one I wanted to take last year when I went on the hike that nearly killed me (not really, but felt like it). This is a view from the trail to the old Monte Cristo mining town up in the Mount Baker National Forest and it looked exactly the same when I walked it.

I have to say that I have been eagerly waiting for family camp for the last few months. Time away from technology, work, civilization. Me, my family, and friends (they're family too!) at a big family campsite. We eat well, we play tag and hide and seek, we hang out around the campsite. When the kids are asleep, we drink and catch up. This year we made a bunch of boffer weapons to take with as well.

So, if it seems I'm not my usual lightning fast responding self for the next few days it's because where I am, I can't even get a cel signal.

Take care and have fun folks. I'll bring back pictures of the trip!



  1. Have fun! I haven't camped for a couple of years, I really need to take a weekend and just do it.

  2. I'm as green as the Hulk. Living on the side of the only hill range in Lincolnshire I really miss big hill and mountains.

    Enjoy the sights and do not move anywhere flat :-)

  3. Have fun Eli! We envy you, the geology looks fantastic.



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