Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Figure Orders Go Wrong - Part One

A while back, I ordered a bunch of Lancashire Games miniatures for my Hollow Eartth VSF games. Among them were various Colonials and Ancients figures destined to become some of the tribes of the Hollow Earth as I envision them. I have to say that my feelings about the miniatures I received are a bit mixed, but I'll go into that in detail another time. Oneo f the big disappointments of that order were some Dismounted Cossacks from the Boxer Rebellion line that just didn't sit right with me.

The picture along with post demonstrates one of the two poses that come in the pack - advancing & firing. The problem I had with the figures wasn't the details so much as the size and scaling. With their monstrous basing, chunky sculpting and overall "oomph" these figures looked just too big for the reast of my 15mm figs. So off to the bits drawer they went. I wasn't out more than a couple of bucks and figured I would find a use for them sometime.

Recently, during my move, I found myself really twitiching to do somethign gaming related. I had been contenting myself to draw maps for games, plotting and planning adventures for RPGs and sketching out terrain and conversion concepts, but I wanted to get my hands on something a bit more tactile. I had bought a bunch of new putty but hadn't even cracked it open and remembering the roll I had been on with the putty work, I figured I give it a try.

Those Russians came back to mind...

I have been working on some conversions of these Russians, but I think I will leave the details of that for a future post and let you all spend a bit of time guessing what I ended up doing with them.

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  1. Hmm, oversized figures and putty, hmmm. I know! You made giant four-armed martians! :)


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