Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Bit More Art

I came across a few more scans of artwork that I did a bit back. This stuff is more just conceptish sketchy stuff that I then inked over, but it's still got some cool ideas there. I had a bit of fun designing monsters that were either variants on existing D&D monsters or that worked off the theme of dungeon vermin and specifically dungeon-dwelling monsters.



  1. Great stuff! You've posted the mushroom man before, and he's still my favorite. But I like the two plant people (shades of Swamp Thing)-- well, I like all of them, really.

  2. Well done Eli! I like the organic guys as well.

  3. Did I post him before? Aw nuts, thought I checked that before the post.

    The two plants guys were my take on a Shambling Mound and a variant concept where a Shrieker or other dungeon fungus grew onto a Shambling Mound creating a hybrid beastie.

  4. I like the multi-eyed swamp thingie.

  5. The thing coming out of the celing reminds me of the isle of dread module. these are cool I think if my sister ever plays I'll have to borrow some of your ideas "When Organic produce goes bad!" She's an organic borderline veggie.


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