Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Figure Orders Go Wrong - Part Two


Enough teasing aside. Those Russians that didn't make the cut were tapped for a conversion project taking them completely out of their intended gnere and into the realm of post-apocalyptic fun. The long coats, bandoliers and old time rifles were perfect bait for making some ragged wastelanders with improvised or salvaged weapons.

I cut the cossack hats off and snipped off the baoynets from their rifles. The putty work took the form of sculpting various layers of capes, head wraps, longer coats, hats, hoods, and extra kit. I tried to make them look a bit haphazard and non-uniformed. I didn't worry too much about the consistency and smoothness of most of the work as everything would be frayed and worn out.

Here are some pics of the WIP that I have tweaked the contrast to try and highlight the details.


  1. These are really cool! What manufacturer made these?

  2. Cool. Reminds me of some comics from the late 80s, post-apoc where there was a new Ice Age, essentially. Man, waht was that series called? I think Image comics did it? The same folks who did the Scout comic that rocked for the first part. And Airboy, too.

    If you have any left, leave one in the Cossack hat. I imagine it's plenty warm, at least...

  3. Google fu says it was Eclipse comics, Winter World.

    If you were wondering.

  4. @AK - these are my own conversions of 15mm Boxer Rebellion Dismounted cossacks from Lancashire Games.

    @J - I remember the title, but never gave the comic much thought at the time.

  5. Nice work Eli,
    your getting quite good with the Green Stuff.


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