Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Star Frontiers Goodness!

Likely the last thing I'll order/buy for gaming until we get settled into the new place, this bunch of Star Frontiers stuff arrived today. It's an Ebay auction I scored for a little over $20 and includes a nearly perfect copy of the Knight Hawks boxed set including the counters as well as the Dramune Run and Mutany in the Elandor Moraes modules.

Though I have most of the PDFs from the remastering project but I am trying to complete a set of the original printed material as I loved this game so much as a kid.

Anyhw, just a quick post!

Take care,



  1. Check Ebay. There is plenty of stuff there.

  2. SCORE!!! I know how you feel, I found a Traveller Basic Box set a garage sale once. BTW, I linked to this site and your artwork in my latest post.


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