Saturday, April 17, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] Journey to Cyrel

We had a chance to get in a quick session of Labyrinth Lord tonight. My oldest was quite intrigued with the after adventure logisitcs of what happens to the treasure and what became of the spoils of the dungeon so I decided to use this little time to show her some of what playing the between adventure time was like.

They had already had most of the non-coin treasure assessed in the local town near the dungeon, but the community was really to small for them to cash out much of it. They paid for the services with a piece of jewelry and then set to picking up supplies for hundred mile trip to the nearest city of notable size, Cyrel. It was there that they hoped to find enough wealth and the right tradesmen to be able to sell off or trade some of their gems and jewels and to find out if any of the items they found were magic or not.

Recruiting a couple of local swords for the rather hefty sum of 5gp per month, they set out to the south and fortunately encountered nothing of note on the way save for some halflings relocating north. They continued on and crossed the bridge across the Luko river where they joined the queue of travellers waiting entrance to Cyrel.

It turns out that though Cyrel is not fortified, it is surrounded by a retaining wall that controls traffic in and out of the city to the few guarded gates. Tall enough to discourage casual climbing across, the walls featured no permanent defensive works but the gates did feature fortified guard houses. The northern gate that the party was entering from was accessed by a fixed wooded bridge that crossed the Luko. A fair bit of role-playing occured at the gate.

The city guard approached the party, asking them where they came from, what they were in town for, and other probing questions. When Nermal, the cleric, said they were there trading goods, the guards became a bit suspicious finding fault with that answer considering the party of six armed adventurers and only a single pack animal among them. When Nermal explained that the items for trade were very small, the guard became intrigued but conceded that point and moved on to the issue of admittance to the city.

The party was informed that if they wished to carry their weapons into the city that they would have to pay a sword tax of 1gp per individual. The alternative was to surrender their weapons to the city guard who would store them at the city's armory until they departed. There was some discussion about this policy with the halfling and cleric surrendering their weapons while the remainder of the party paid the 1gp. Those that surrendered their weapons were given colored and numbered wooden tags that matched tags attached to their weapons. Those who held onto their weapons were given token that they were to wear, displayed, at all times. They also learned that all weapons trade was done in a sperate part of the city with its own gate to the outside of the city. All newly purchased weapons would be collected through this gate and required a seperate tax to bring into the city.

Having surrendered their weapons and paid their taxes they took rooms in the Drunken Eye inn who's symbol was an intoxicated beholder. They then set out finding the proper folks to turn their loot into more liquid assets. They were only able to get 50% of the the value on their gems and jewels but were able to get a price at 75% when they offered to trade for that price in other gems of lesser individual value.

That was about as far as we got, but the party now had a bit more fluidity in their wealth and could set out to try and improve their equipment and seek another adventure. Anna is really wanting to try a city adventure, so maybe I'll cook one up for her.

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  1. Nice story! Also love the artwork and other scifi drawings on your site.

    some of them would fit well into my "chaos on the red planet" project.


  2. That's awesome that your getting to continue this with your girls.

  3. They are both having fun as is my wife. They actually bug me to work extra game sessions in like we did last night.

    It means a lot of gaming o nthe fly, but I'd rather play and keep them interested than put them off until I was absolutely ready.

  4. I mentioned to my wife that you were doing this, and she said we need to see if our girls would be interested! : )


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