Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Move in The Future

Some fun news on the home front. Though I am not able to buy a home at this point in my life, I have now graduated from renting an apartment to renting a house. This may not sound all that great to those among you who own land but for me and my family, it's a big move.

This is no ordinary rental of a home though. The situation puts us in a better space, with a yard and (drum roll please) a garage. The garage has already been greenlighted as a game room not only by my wife, but by the land lady who happens to be a close friend and pretty much family. The girls will still have seperate bedrooms, the living space is roomier, the rent is cheaper and there is a fenced in yard for the dog and kids to play in safely. Heck, my youngest's best friend will be living right next door.

I hope I am not counting too many chickens before they hatch here, but I am excited. We will not be saving as much as we had hoped we would with our next move, but the improvement in quality of living makes up for that as far as I'm concerned.

Talk to you all later,



  1. Congrats man...speaking as an apartment dweller I would say that this IS big news.

  2. Sounds like a good trade overall. Honestly when I first saw "move" I was thinking, "Dude, move out here!", haha...

  3. Dude, that totally rocks.

    I remember the first time we rented a house. WAAAAAAYYYYY better than an apartment.

    Congrats and enjoy the elbow room.

  4. Not to wax too policial, but if WA state keeps going the way it is, I may consider relocating to a different state.

    Thanks for all the well-wishing. It's been six years since I've been in a house and it makes me a bit nervous, to be honest.

    The house is bigger than our apartment and that is before you figure in the garage.


  5. congrats
    this is a BIG deal
    your girls will be so much happier ; - )

    welcome to the American dream, your own home . . .

    i would never return to a big city
    (already tried Vegas, Dallas and New Orleans);
    i like my garage, shotguns, horses and space way too much . . .

  6. Not quite my own. We're still renting, but it's a house and it puts us in a better place.



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