Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gaming Oldies

Going through some of my boxed up gaming stuff last night, I discovered a few oldie but goodies from days when I had more time to game. Back then I used to pick up a lot of this and that, but not a lot of any one particular thing. I'd grab an issue or two of a magazine from the clearance boxes at the FLGS or pick up an issue of something I'd never read on speculation alone. Often I picked up isolated issues that had an article or two that I liked. In any case, here are a few of the things I found, that I still have.

Challange #43 featured the usual collection of gaing materials from games spanning GDW's own stable as well as those of other publishers. What attracked me to this issue were a few gems that intrigued me at the time -
  • Cthulhu: 1889 - An article on blending the mythos into the background of the Space: 1889 VSF universe.
  • Secrets of the Ancients - A Space: 1889 adventure featuring Americans from instead of the usual dashing victorian heroes.
  • One The Dark Side - Playing Dark Side characters in West End's Star Wars RPG.
  • Balancing Space Hulk - It is what it says!
  • Tactical Strike - A combat mission for the Albedo RPG.

Challenge #61 was purchased pretty much for one article. It had some others in it that were cool too, but I bought it for the Space: 1889 adventure that was in it. Some notable articles were -
  • Wood and Wind, Steel and Steam - Wet navy design for Megatrvaller
  • Tom Fleet and His Steam Colossus - Another American adventure featuring bipedal walkers for Space: 1889.
  • This is Only a Test - Asventure for 2300 AD featuring run-away robots.
  • VTA: Heavy-Duty Air Support - New vehicle for Cyberpunk 2020.
These were the days when gaming magazines seldom focused o na single game or company. White Dwarf had already made the change but even though Dragon and Challenge did fdevote the majority of their page count to their TSR and GDW respectively, they still found room to help out the rest of the hobby. To the right is the splash art for the Tom Fleet adventure in Challange #61.


  1. Love that cover with the flying sailing ship.

  2. I agree,
    Great cover with the flying ship.
    It definately sparks my imagination.

  3. I get the feeling that the little ship is some sort of raider or pirate designed to cut open wooden hulls.

  4. Was there any info about the cover inside the magazine?
    I like your concept that its a raider designed to cut open wooden hulls. Nice Steampunk looking contraption.

  5. Only info is that it is "The Galleon" by Frank Frazetta.

  6. You need to do the following immediately: photocopy everything related to VSF in those magazines and mail it to me.

    My turn for jealousy.

  7. And please cc me on everything you send to Mr. Womack esp COC 1889 pretty pretty please....


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