Friday, April 16, 2010

Haven't Given Up On The Lead

It has been a bit since I have posted anything about my miniatures projects. I have not been overly motivated to put brush to metal of late but I have been working on some things. The most active painting project has been the 2mm Land Ironclads stuff, but even that has been set aside. Another project was some troops for my VSF imagi-nation of Elistonia. I've included a few WIP pics to show you how these are going -

Rough color blocking showing the sorts of color being used. Elistonia is not a huge nation so expensive dyes are reserved for caps and officer's uniforms.

Packs, bread bags and simple bedrolls are carried by each Elistonian soldier.

The collected sum of what I have painted in 2mm for my Martian city-states. Approximately 360 citizen warriors, 240 household warriors, 69 tribal cavalry, 26 household cavalry, 15 sniper/scouts, 3 armored rumat brehr with cannon howdah, 3 unarmored rumat brehr each carrying 2 martian jezzails.

Martian infantry. The household warriors in the front were painted with more metallic color to show their better armor. They are also placed in closer order between the two lines to show better discipline. The two lines represent the Martian tactic of using "cutters" and "shooters" together.

A bit blurry but this picture shows the green of the Martian mounts under the yellowish skin and metallic armor and weapons of the Martians. These MArtians are painted as tribal warriors, recruited from the area around the city itself and are not well  armored. The household cavalry that I did have more metallic color on them and their mounts to show their better equipment. They are also based in lines as opposed to these tribal warriors who fight in loose wedges.


  1. I am glad to see some lead on your blog bud!

  2. Very nice Eli

    Yes, great to see figures again.


  3. Finally, I see lead people!

    How about a closeup on the ruumet breehr minis? You could even email it to me. Along with any ideas you ahve for using them in Land Ironclads. I need filler for The Aethergraph (speaking of, check your email).

  4. Hi Eli,

    I've been reading your posts on '2mm' and 'Land Ironclads' and wondering if you reached the gaming stage with your Tribal Martains...I find it all very interesting. Last week I ordered a 2mm ACW -Union Army (Irregular Miniatures) with the view to paint them up for SPACE 1889 as Italians -and asses them too for suitability as being Martians. My main Project is SPACE 1889 in 25mm - though once this is underway I'd like to have a go at the 2mm as well. Be pleased and interested to know you went with the 2mm Project. Cheers. KEV.


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