Saturday, February 6, 2010

Twins, Separated at Birth?

Our good friend and host on this electronic joyride was brave enough to post pictures of his own actual face. One look has decided it: we are twins separated at birth. Ignore the fact that he claims to be about a year or so older than I am, and is, I think, several inches taller than I. As evidence, I provide the following just taken snapshot.

Interestingly, we seem to have many clones in the gaming world: men in their late thirties with shaved heads and Van Dyke beards that have gone heavily to the gray. Our co-gamers also share many traits - I am pretty sure I recognized all of the gentlemen in Eli's photo as people I have gamed with at times, or at least their Pacific Northwest v. Texas counterparts. And so, since this post has virtually nothing to do with gaming, I thought I would close with this:

Eli's not gonna let me post here any more at this rate...


  1. J,

    The funny thing is that gamers look the same the world 'round. Look at pics of gamers in France, the UK, Germany, pretty much anywhere where people of european descent game and you will see beards, bellies, ponytails, black dusters, canes where none are needed, wide-brimmed hat, military jackets, BDU pants, parkas, novelty t-shirts, buritto-stained shorts, etc, etc. The list goes on.

    Our gaming culture seems to transcend borders and it really does surprise me just how alike the gaming circles are from one country to another.

    A bing band of brothers are we.

  2. "A bing band of brothers are we."

    Speak for yourself, Eli! I'm more a Dean-o than a Bing.

  3. Like you nnneeeeeeeever make a typo :)

  4. Me? Neever! Taht's a drity lie and you now it! :)


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