Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Peak At My Gaming Group And Space

Fridays is our usual gaming night around here and while there, I was able to snap a few camera pic snaps of the room we play in and my buddies. I am posting all of these with their permission. The pics aren't great but I plan to take my digital camera to Game Storm in MArch and should have some better pics then. First off, the guys...

The gents above, from left to right are, Iken, Chris and Derek. I've known Iken forever, since before family and kids and we've played everything and even did a stint as roomates along with some other bachelor friends in the earlier days. Iken's mainly a minis and board games guy and has a tendancy to amass massive amounts of stuff that I am always in awe of. He's currently building forces to oppose the Martians I'm doing in 2mm. Iken is my usual partner in gaming craziness.

Chris is the most junior among us and the newest to gaming. I first met him a few years back through a local shop where he joined in on a 3.5 campaign I ran. We liked him so much we decided to keep him and he's now a part of the central group of players. He's an RPG and board game guy who's getting into minis through Warmachine/Hordes.

Then we have Derek. Derek joined us about six or so years back, give or take. He's our resident rules lawyer and a deep gamer. He's a theory and practice guy who could and is often be described as a rules lawyer. Fortunately he's also a great role-player, an near unbeatable board gamer and he uses his lawyer powers for good. He's also a good numbers guy and great to have around when designing new rules or mechanics. If he can ever get his Victory By Any Means game going, it'll be awesome.

So those are the guys. We have had others in the group that have moved on and occasionally spouses and girlfriends join the fun too. We also have had some guest gamers in the form of visiting family and friends and even a few picked up off of Board Game Geek and through internet contacts.

Now, let's take a look at the play space.

Our game space is a dedicated space in an outbuilding behind Iken's house. I don't know the exact dimensions but Iken put a crap load of work into it putting in new electric, heat, dry wall as well as shelving fixtures. It's got a large board room table for general gaming as well as an elevated 4' x 4' table for skirmish gaming with cabinets built underneath. Right now, it's a bit overrun pending a reorganization, but it's still pretty cool. The pictures came out blurry, but they should give you the general idea of what sort of space we have to work with.

Above, to the left is most of  the wall where the board games are stored. Most of these are Iken's but Derek does have a designated shelf. There are more board games tucked elsewhere.

To the right above shows the back half of the game room where most of the clutter is. To the back you can see the shelf where we keep terrain finishing supplies and rattle cans. To the left is a wire rack system holding most of our finished and semi-finished large terrain pieces. In the middle there is our skirmish table, currently holding stuff until we can find a home for it.

Below left is the wall opposite the board game shelves. This where a good number of Warhammer and Warmachine figs collect dust while waiting to be used. You will notice some Starship Troopers bugs there too.

Below right is me coveting some thing or another. I think the pic was taken this past Christmas, but I felt it wouldn't be right to show the guys and not a recent pic of my lunatic self.


  1. Nice space. Plenty of shelves for all that gamey goodness. On a personal note, where did you find a picture of me in one of my better moods to pass off as yourself?

    To justify, I suppose I shall have to post a self portrait of recent vintage as well.

  2. I have commented before that you and I are quite similar in appearance.

    As for the space, I onloy wish we could make beterr use of it.

  3. Now that's a serious board game collection!

  4. Nice! A gamer's den!

    If I ever get around to it, I'm going to clean out my basement and build a wargaming table. I can dream anyways, I'm not all that good with wood working. Maybe I'll just settle for a piece of plywood on top of a 2 folding tables.

  5. Keep an eye out at office liquidation places. WE play on a board room table. Low enough to lean over. It's not perfectly square, but there's maybe a 6" different between the width at the ends and the with at the middle.

  6. That's a very blurry picture of me and Chris. I believe the board game collection is somewhere around 450+ games and expansions. Eli's pictures drive home the fact that I really need to sort things out and open some gaming space.

  7. Iken! Awesome. It's about time you made an appearance here.

    Iken here is the man who gives us space to play and a long-time friend and partner in crime. He's just not the internet junky I am.

    Hope you'll be appearing here more often.

  8. Why it's the legendary Iken I have heard so much about! Great group and good room! Happy gaming!


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