Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eueka Miniatures 15mm Scifi Germans Expansion A Go!

I was going to post on this myself, but this dude beat me to it here.

What did he beat me to? Well depending on what corner of the miniatures-verse you crawl around in you may or may not recall that almost eight years ago, Eureka miniatures came out with their 100 and 300 clubs allowing dreaming gamers to shoot for a chance to get their dreams turned into lead. I jumped on it from the get-go and got some 25/28mm SF3D-inspired power armors into production (now gone into the realm of OOP) and then went to get some Jin-Roh inspired 15mm scifi Germans to go with my Gear Krieg forces. I was so hyped on then Germans that I ordered the whole 300 that was required to get them going. I know that may seem like madness, but at the time I had one less kid and about half the rent.

Flash forward many years and with the boost in popularity of the whole Wierd World War 2 genre, I thought that it might be time to see if Nic was up for expandign the range. The range had always been a bit of an oscure thing in the past, not gaining much steam with the limited four poses. It wasn't even a range, really, just a single pack of really great minis. He seemed open to the idea and said that he was going to put up a post for it on his site. Here is the rest of the background on this, if you are interested.

If you are looking for some solid 15mm WWW2 infantry or even a nice intimidating looking scifi infantry force then give these fine Eureka figures a look.




  1. Well done you Eli for pushing these minis through to get to this stage! They look great!


  2. I can't take full credit here. There were others involved and others who ordered. In fact, Nic had actually thought I'd lost interest, oddly enough.

    But I think this shows that sometimes the time is right to revisit an idea. The original four figures had been all there was an not a ton of interest for a good time.

  3. I'm indebted for your part in getting the original & new sculpts made - even with only 4 poses the originals were one of my favorite 15's. Now with more variety (tho some panzer fausts would be nice...) they're even better.

  4. Thank you for posting on here about how the SF3D minis came about. I bought a bunch from a fellow five years ago, and I've been looking for more information on them every since. Their the only miniatures I ever ended an association over, as someone wanted me to let him bootleg the ones I'd purchased.

  5. I am not posting these details for bragging rights but really to let people know what it takes to get these projects going

    Unfortunately I think that the SF3D stuff was a bit too narrow a market or perhaps it got swept away when Eureka did away with most of its other stuff that skirted IPs.



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