Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good News From Eureka

Good news everyone...

Three weeks ago, I emailed Nic Robson at Eureka about the possibility of expanding the line of 15mm Sci-fi German Stormtroopers. These figures are lovely armored troopers intended for Weird War Two games but suitable for other sci-fi settings as well. With all the recent interest in WWW2 gaming, this just seemed a natural suggestion.

Well the long of the short of it is that Nic seemed to be open to the idea and asked me to send him a list of possible poses that I thought might make good expansions to the line. I sent him the following list -

1. Officer w/drum-fed SMG advancing or standing

2. Junior Officer/NCO w/drum-fed SMG advancing and gesturing command

3. Communications w/long-range radio pack

4. Tankbuster w/Panzerfaust (variants?)

5. Flamethrower

6. Vehicle Gunner for use in halftracks, armored Cars, etc – standing figure with attached LMG

7. Sharpshooter w/IR-equipped scoped assault rifle. Not a sniper but simply an on-hand sharpshooter to support armored assault troopers

8. A re-working of the existing MG gunner to make the gun look more like an MG42 with a drum-fed ammo system and rename the existing MG gunner as an "Assault Cannon" - think portable support cannon developed from anti-tank rifles, etc.

Nic has since gotten back to me and is going to post these up on his site as
Sci-fi Germans w/ Heavy Weapons (300CLUBSF07). He will be contacting those who put in orders for them asking which of the 8 possible poses they would be most interested in. Nic and his sculptor Mike Broadbent are pretty sure all of them are viable and possible. The intent is to try to get things rolling in the next three months. Not a bad timeline if you consider this isn't something they have been working on until now.

So, if you are interested in seeing Eureka expand it's Weird World War 2 stuff go and let your voices be heard.




  1. Well done Eli!

    Must follow your lead. At some point I'd also like to see some Berlin Nachtjager and Soviet Assault troops in armour.


  2. Berlin Nachjager? Do you mean just SS troopers with ARs and IR gear.


  3. I'm in for 40. An officer & anti-tank (panzerfaust and/or schrek) will be my my preferences -- and i love the drum-fed SMG idea!

  4. Thanks for throwing in. I though up the drum-fed SMG idea after reading about how much the Germans liked the Russian SMGs. Also it's a way to get the officers and NCOs armed differently but still giving them an "advanced" weapon.



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