Saturday, February 13, 2010

30 Odd Halflings

Following my post on the difficulties in placing halflings and gnomes, I felt a slight pang of guilt. They say that if you are part of the solution then you are part of the problem. So, in the interest of possibly becoming part of the solution, I present to you a d30 approach to creating some oddball and possibly interesting types of halflings.



  1. Have devolved into a race of inbred, xenophobic cannibals.
  2. Made a pact with an obscure demigod and now live by the tenants of his beliefs.
  3. There are no men among them though there are children everywhere.
  4. Live in stilted homes and takes great measures to avoid setting foot on the ground.
  5. Are nomads and travel about in large wheeled yurts pulled by stout ponies.
  6. Are taller than usual halflings and speak in a lilting sylvan language resembling elfish.
  7. Live in fortified warrens of tunnels instead of the typical hilly shire.
  8. Travel in bands, using stilts to appear as regular folk. They seem to be up to nothing suspicious, other          than their mode of travel.
  9. Are heavily scarred, speak in gruff tones, file their teeth, wear armor festooned with spikes and points and carry wicked swords.
  10. A pungent odor surrounds these halflings who dress in colorful clothing, long hair and travel around in garishly painted caravans.
  11. Screams when a certain number, word, or phrase is spoken.
  12. Speak in riddles and rhymes.
  13. Live in dark, wet caverns and whisper secrets among themselves.
  14. Are musical and break into song at nearly any occasion.
  15. Strut proudly and live in a village built around the statue of a mighty halfling standing atop the slain body of an overly impressive bullete.
  16. Rise from their slumber at night and wander into the countryside returning by daybreak.
  17. Fall to their knees at the site of the party’s least powerful member addressing him as “Great One”
  18. Claim to be caretakers to the body of a fallen god whos tomb rests beneath an unnamed hill.
  19. Brew a potion capable of taming some type of monster.
  20. Keep the surrounding non-halfling populations living in fear of them and doing their bidding.
  21. Live in trees and are master bakers.
  22. Live in a monastic order or of monster slayers, riding forth on their noble war dogs.
  23. Form a cabal of assassins disguised as a modest farming community.
  24. Flee in terror at the sight of one of the party members.
  25. Have the gift of prophecy and speak the futures of the party members.
  26. Have been enslaved by some powerful creature who they must serve as a god king.
  27. Possess the answer to an ancient riddle or secret.
  28. Possess strange powers connected to one of the prime elements (fire, water, earth, air).
  29. Run a ring of local smugglers, wreckers and pirates.
  30. Roll Twice.


  1. #1 reminds my of 'The Accursed Getinmahbeli' from Khurasan miniatures and the stilts match fine with from;topicseen

    Nice list - much better then a peaceful hole dwelling hobbit!


  2. Thanks guys. It's been a bit since I've done a random table of this size, but it was fun. I suppose many of the results could easily be applied to gnomes as well.


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