Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bulldozer the Valentine's Day Dog

Friday was Valentine's Day at my kids' school. Anna's 5th grade class was allowed ot make their own card boxes, a tradition I remember fondly from my grade school days. Now, Anna is not a girly girl. At the age of 10, she's already kind of punky and has her own way about her. She's a torn-up sneakers, hoodies, and clunky boots kind of kid that is much more at home building forts and getting skinned knees than she is looking "pretty".

Anyhow, Anna made the bun guy at the top there.

His name is Bulldozer. Bulldozer is Anna's Valentine's Day card box. He was built entirely from scrap cardboard and hot glued together. He works by putting the card in his mouth and then "rubbing him under the chin" thus tipping his head back so his head lines up with a chute in his neck that deposits the card into his body. He had a trap door rigged in his belly to allow the cards to be removed without destroying him.
He was given a tag that read,

Name: Bulldozer
Owner: Anna
Likes: Candy and Valentine's Cards

Anna builds stuff like this all the time. Unfortunately her creations often reach an untimely demise before I have a chance to photograph them.




  1. Eli that is so cool. Am I right in thinking that the kids make these boxes to put all the cards they receive for valentines day inside? I'm so glad we don't have that tradition here, I would have died from the humiliation!

  2. They are like mailboxes. Each kid goes around slipping Valentine's day cards into the boxes. Now days they are very strict on making sure that you bring one for every kid in the class. When I was a kid, it was not so and some us did feel the sting at Valentine's Day when our boxes came up much more sparce than others.



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