Sunday, February 14, 2010

30 Flawed Females

We all know that fantasy is full of various female characters. Be they protagonist, antagonist, foil or gal friday, they all play a role in the story someplace. In RPGs, still a decidedly male hobby, these ladies often take the form of NPCs in need of rescue, plot hooks, or random encounters set to either aid or mislead the party. I offer here a number of possible flaws that these encounters might possess. This table is not meant to be exhaustive nor do I mean any sort of slight to the female gender with any of these entries. These are intended to provide some interesting fantasy genre flaws, complications, and affectations for ladies encountered in the course of adventuring.

[Design Note: It has been brought to my attention that it might be right to change the name of the post to 30 Flaws. While I will not do this, I will acknowledge and agree with the reason for the suggestion. It was suggested that these flaws would work for either gender and this is true. Feel free to adjust the genders suggested in the chart into any combination you like. The chart is, like all of them, just a suggested set of possibilities.]

Take a roll and beware...


  1. Charms men into doing her dirty work for her.
  2. Secretly the priestess of a wicked god/goddess and plans to use a member of the party as a sacrifice.
  3. Bound by a dark pact to kill the men she falls in love with.
  4. Transforms into a dangerous monster when she becomes amorous.
  5. A dragon or some other powerful creature in (demi)human form.
  6. Daughter of a demon.
  7. Wicked queen of an entire kingdom travelling in disguise.
  8. The avatar of a goddess.
  9. The chosen of a particular god or goddess and jealously protected by them.
  10. Poisonous to the touch.
  11. Her gaze has some magical effect such as petrification, charm person, feeble mind, etc.
  12. Remains harmless as long as she is a virgin but transforms into something dangerous if that should change.
  13. The princess of a powerful ruler who would rather his daughter not be involved with the party.
  14. The beloved of a local hero.
  15. Cursed to transform into some immobile form by day/night (tree, stone, ice, furniture, jewelry, etc).
  16. Must do the exact opposite of anything she is told to do.
  17. Her words always become reality.
  18. Cannot disobey a direct order.
  19. Harmed by direct sunlight.
  20. Possesses a particularly foul dietary requirement (blood, raw meat, garbage, etc)
  21. Can only wear clothing blessed by a particular deity.
  22. Harmed by the touch of a particular material (iron, stone, non-silk fibers, tofu, etc).
  23. Has a habit of falling insanely in love at first sight.
  24. Has horrible dreams that create living nightmares.
  25. Bound to the land she lives in sharing its fate as it shares her own.
  26. Cannot set foot on a particular type of ground (holy, land, water, agricultural, etc)
  27. Cannot speak
  28. Cannot stop talking and constantly prattles on about anything that crosses her mind.
  29. Attracts monsters.
  30. Is Death in human form.


  1. Love the list - these things are always handy when the GM's in a hurry. I'd be tempted to retitle the list '30 Flaws' and bestow the flaws upon NPCs of both sexes ;)


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