Sunday, February 14, 2010

30 Mysterious Animals

Myths, legends and fantasy literature are full of many magical beasts and mysterious creatures. Not all of these are vicious monsters set to menace the heroes. Many of them are actually used as plot hooks, red herrings, or portents of things to come. Presented here are a few possible angles for creatures encountered in the course of play that could be used as either adventure hooks or perhaps as random encounters.

  1. Beckons the party to follow it.
  2. Eating its flesh imparts a temporary level boost.
  3. Blood of the animal functions as a blessing, removing curses and spell effects.
  4. Sings songs of ancient lore.
  5. Leaves human footprints as it passes.
  6. Offers to train the party members.
  7. Appears out of nowhere to battle the party's foes.
  8. Leaves golden footprints wherever it steps.
  9. Scratches out a new spell in the ground.
  10. Wearing the skin of this animal imparts some magical effect (invisibility, healing, protection, shape-shange, etc)
  11. Appears when one of the party is going to die
  12. Glows with a blinding light, holding evil at bay.
  13. Offers to transport the party to a single destination by some means (flight, teleportation, rabid movement, plane shift, etc).
  14. Offers to stand guard over the party while they rest.
  15. Appears as the ghostly form of somebody familiar to a party member and then changes into an animal form.
  16. Is a powerful druid, now permanently in animal form.
  17. Offers its own flesh to sustain the party only to rise anew the next day and depart.
  18. Shelters the party in it's own home (den, burrow, nest).
  19. Walks and speaks as a man. 50% chance that it possess 1d4 class levels.
  20. Has been sent to mislead the party.
  21. Offers 1d3 wishes in return for its freedom.
  22. Has been sent to kill one of the party members.
  23. Is the earthly representation of a powerful deity.
  24. Is the parent to seemingly (demi)human young.
  25. Is the prison for some more powerful being. Slaying the creature frees this being.
  26. The blood of the creature functions as a healing potion.
  27. Natural weapons of this creature can function as magical weapons.
  28. Skin of the creature functions as magical armor.
  29. Forms a bond with a party member functioning as a familiar or animal companion even if that character does not have that ability.
  30. Is Death in animal form.

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