Sunday, February 14, 2010

30 Crazy Kingdom Conundrums

Back in the day, when I got to play as much as I wanted, our games tended to take on a depth of plot where political stories wound their way around the characters and wove their way into the fabric of the stories that occured between adventures. This made for a rich tapestry of kingdoms, principalities and various lands that was frought with issues both realistic and fantastic. We had betraying spouses, religious strife, ancient claims and destabilizing monsters all over the place.

The D30 table below gives a list of possible unfortunate events that can befall a land. thoug hthe term kingdom is used extensively in the chart, this is just a simplification and these issues could befall any political body regardless of governmental style. Though the chart's results are written from the perspective of the land the players are in at the time, they could easily be reversed or otherwise reversed to refer to some neighboring land close enough to draw the party to it.

Have fun!

  1. The lord of the realm has only one possible heir, but he cannot be found.
  2. A neighboring land has built a fortress on the border separating it from its neighbor.
  3. Religious tensions threaten to fracture the kingdom into two or more factions.
  4. A stranger enters the kingdom claiming to be the true heir to the throne.
  5. The heir to the throne is a villain and plots to overthrow the current ruler.
  6. A general in the king's army plots a military overthrow.
  7. Worrisome rumbling circulate throughout the land of a coming doom.
  8. A neighboring land claims to have the avatar of the local deity imprisoned.
  9. The local wizard's council has decided that they should rule instead of the local lord.
  10. The king has declared that demi-humans are the root of all evil in his land.
  11. A particular article of clothing has been banned from the land.
  12. A magical creature has cursed a member of the ruling family.
  13. All water supplies have dried up throughout the land.
  14. A powerful monster has appeared and demands the blood of the ruling family to stop his rampage.
  15. An artifact, sacred to the kingdom has gone missing.
  16. Any new buildings constructed in the land toppled to the ground within a fortnight.
  17. Hordes of normally harmless creatures have infested the land (mice, pixies, sheep, etc)
  18. A god appears in the skies above the kingdom proclaiming the land unclean and in need of cleansing.
  19. A far away land has declared  a religious war on the kingdom.
  20. Refugees from a conflict in a neighboring land are putting a strain on local resources.
  21. The local prince has slain the prince of a neighboring, normally friendly kingdom at tournament.
  22. Bandits from a neighboring land are retreating into the kingdom to hide.
  23. A neighboring land has angered a powerful creature whose rampage has spilled over into the kingdom.
  24. The princess of a neighboring land has run away and fled to the kingdom.
  25. An animal sacred to the kingdom has been born in a neighboring land.
  26. Visiting dignitaries are killed during an accident in the kingdom.
  27. An ancient map is discovered showing that the kingdom and its neighbor are actually one kingdom.
  28. The guilds of the land go on strike.
  29. Roll twice.
  30. Roll three times.


  1. Liking these d30 tables!
    Keep 'em coming!

  2. Where are you coming up with this stuff bud? It's great!

  3. So far they've come pretty easy, though I'm willing to take some suggestions for topics :)

  4. Your tables are great. Looking through them, I even get the idea of mixing and matching the last 3 ones you posted and coming up with something totally different!


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