Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost Scrolls at Ferrous Lands

Great fun and exciting news from Andrew over at Ferrous Lands. It seems he has acquired a copy of the Fields of Glory supplement "Lost Scrolls" and has decided to do a give away for it. Just a simple contest. Visit his blog, leave a comment on the post for an entry into his drawing. Post about it on your blog and get a second entry.

Full details of the contest can be found on his blog but I think you'll find his blog worth visiting for more than just the contest. He's got some great painted minis and a wonderful set of themes such as Ultima and Lawn Gnomes! He also does a fair bit of modelling and conversion work and covers the sometimes overlooked scale of 1/72.

Enjoy and thanks Andrew!



  1. Thanks, Eli. I appreciate your compliment. I do love those little 1/72 guys. I have a closet full of them just waiting. I've had minimal free time lately, so I can't wait to get back to painting.

  2. Love the gnomes! 1/72 is the one true scale! :D


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