Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gaming Stuff Organized....Mostly

After today's marathon of cleaning, reorganizing, consolidating, etc, I now have the majority of my miniatures gaming stuff shelved, and in totes and roll-aways. We were able to open a ton of room in my bedroom by moving the old painting table into the living room where my wife, Jenn, will be using it as a sewing table. The old chest of drawers and shelves that had taken up the rest of the space in there have been religated to storing my oldest daughter's clothes and mine and Jenn's shoes respectively.

Most of my terrain buldings supplies fit nightly into two roll-away plastic drawer organizers (below left). I have seperate drawers for sprue, ground covering, structural materials, trees, grit and sand, rattle cans, large oddly shaped objects, domes, cylinders, paints and then WTF. If you look you can also see some of Jenn's massage and herbalism supplies as well as a part of our book and CD collection (they are everywhere). Yes, those are Dinsey VHS on the upper shelf.

In the middle in front of the window (below right), I have a few Rubbermade totes containing those pieces too big to fit in drawers. On top of these are stacked what have now become the ubiquitous corn dog boxes that float around our gaming circles. They happen to make good starage being strong, freezer-ready cardboard with a built in flip-top lid. They also come in a variety of sizes. That's a bag of pine lanscaping bark in front there.

The last pic to lower right shows my shelving and the other two smaller roll-aways. The shelves include boxes full of finished or partially finished projects, minis and terrain bits that I have yet to work on. It also holds several multi-drawer screw organizers that hold a lot of unpainted lead. The two roll-aways contain my brushes, blades, measuring devices as well as minis projects that are in the works and several that have yet to be taken out of their polybags and put int othe screw organizers.

You will note the mirror hanging in front of the window. That's one of Jenn's Amy Brown collectibles. We are both fans of her faerie art. There is also the pile of largish styor and other packing materials on the top shelf all waiting to become some piece of terrain or another. The very bottom shelf was religated to the duty of pet bed for our hug black cat, Oscar (pictured below). His real name is Not Oscar, but since we no longer have his brother, the original Oscar, we juts drop the Not part of his name.


  1. I'm still in the midst of the Great Tempest of Gaming Stuff, also called reorganizing the gameroom. My re-organization calls for the use of power tools and lumber, and other assorted manly activities. I have to build new shelves in the guest room closet for linens so that I can use the current upstairs linen closet for storing bins of materials and terrain.

  2. I haven't even tried to organize since we moved. I should soon though, it's hard to find things.

  3. It is a good thing to be organized. Good tip on the corn doggie boxes. tell Not Oscar that Rob says hey.


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