Thursday, January 28, 2010

Image of Gizmo Appears In Concrete

A few months ago this image appeared in the concret of the walkways outside my apartment. It has survived rains, pressure washes and the constant traffic of countless residents. Surely the enduring image of one so pure as Gizmo the Mogwai must mean something. Am I blessed? Is this a portent of impending doom at the hands of a ravening horde of slapstick kobold-like miscreants? Perhaps this is was a warning and now an omen against the mohawk that I shed a bit back?

One thing is for sure, this image remains constant and ever vigil outside my residence.

This means something...



  1. Just don't feed it after midnight!

  2. Pity it appeared in concrete... if it had been a bit of toast it would have been worth thousands!

  3. It looks like a table top battle of Victorian science fiction ironclads versus Martian walkers

  4. Seek the sign of Mogwai! There you will find the Lead People!

  5. If it startsw to grow a mohawk, and get scaley... kill it fast while it is still weak.

    Juat a bit of friendly advice, y'know?


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