Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mutant Menaces - Pardon Me Mr. Squid

Ambassador Squid

No. Enc. Solitary
Alignment : Lawful
Movement : Fly 200’ (60’)
Armor Class : 8
Hit Dice : 3
Attacks : None
Damage : None
Save : L8
Morale : 5
Hoard Class : None or XI for "Major Domo"

The strange creature known as the ambassador squid may or may not be a mutant at all but its striking resemblance to a terrestrial cephalopod does suggest that it most likely is. Whatever it is, the ambassador squid is an oddly noble creature that seems to have little purpose in life other than to assist others.

Flitting about with an innate flight power, these squids go from place to place offering their intellect and interpersonal skills to those in need. Whether it be peace negotiations, trade agreements, or determining the lot due to a band of mercenaries, the ambassador squid is your “thing”. Using a soft-spoken, soothing telepathic voice, these creatures can calculate the variables of the given circumstances of any agreement or situation, finding the best solution for all parties. Though not a bag of combat tricks or attack powers, in the harsh, brutal land these sorts of skills are rare and useful for the survival of struggling communities.

In some cases ambassador squids have found their way into positions of permanent employment, gaining a roof over their head, a place in the world and remuneration in exchange for their abilities. More often than not, these individuals take on a role such as that of a Major Domo or Prime Minister.

Mutations: Flight, Telephathic Communication, Universal Translator, Empathy.


  1. ever see that discovery special 'the future is wild?'

  2. Yup. Have you ever read a book called "After Man"? I think it was the inspiration for "The Future is Wild".


  3. Never read the book. Have you read it?

  4. As I recall it was sort of a picture heavy, coffee table type affair with lots of illustrations and commentary on those.

    I'd like to try to track it down.

  5. Could make for a quite useful and interesting NPC/encounter.

  6. I tend to create creatures with encounters in mind. Even if they are the sort to be encountered in the open, I like to know they can be useful.

    Even the Grabbit can be useful.


  7. Squids are really cool, aren't they? I always like that squid-head alien at Jabba the Hutt's palace.


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