Sunday, December 6, 2009

Other Blogs By Me

While patrolling through my blogger settings I came across a few earlier attempts at blogging that I had done. These were attempts at using blogs for world building for D&D, an experiment that proved useful to a degree but that utlimately ended up giving way to the use of Wikis instead.

The first of these is my Homeland blog. This was the creation space for my first original D&D campaign world since high school. Up until then I had played in the same campaign setting that had been growing, rather organically, until about five years ago when I decided I wanted to run a new setting. Homeland was an attempt to create a campaign with its roots in a rustic setting from which adventure could grow.

The second is just a beginning but it does details some of the races I intended to use for a campaign setting that took place in Ravania, a land that had previously existed on the edge of my original campaign setting from the high school days. This expansion of a part of the world was modernized, updated and fleshed out with my newer creative stylings.

Give them a look and feel free to comment on the various posts. I've kept them mostly private up until now, but would love to hear what folks think.

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