Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Speed Build

So in the office today, with things widning down for the holidays and the amount of work to do grinding to a bare minimum, I found myself looking for something to do. I had not cleaned out my bag and realized that I had some glue in there fro mthe last time I brought projects to work along with my tool kit. So, it was building time.

The project I decided on was to see what I could build out of a small cardboard box I had and the insulated heat sleeve from a espresso coffee cup. I cut this into its component sections so I had a good idea of what sorts of materials I had available.

About an hour's worth of cutting, mad glueing and a few funny looks from my coworkers and I ended up with a few modest, but servicible basic structures. They will need finishing of course, but that is for another day. I had got my craft on at work and it made the rest of the day a little more sane.

Take care,



  1. Looks like they will make some very good shanty towns.

  2. The A frame is going to get covered in turf and modelled up as a post-apocalyptic sod house.

  3. Oh that's really cool Eli. There's a special on TV (I cannot remember th channel or the name of the special) that actually shows them building the sod houses in the Midwest, the cabins in Tennessee and the early houses of the colonists.

  4. I think people forgot about the early house-building techniques of the settlers when they consider shelters in a post-apocalyptic setting.

  5. Sod houses were disgusting! Beat freezing to death, but having all the 'visitors' in the walls and ceiling of your home... eeeew.

    The shanties look excellent, though, and that was a great use of recycled materials. All you West Coast hippy types and your mania for recycling... :)

  6. Out of idle curiousity, what the heck do you do anyway? I'm a school teacher, so working on projects at work is pretty well out of the realm for me, but you seem to find the time.

    I had a friend once who worked as a security guard for an old folks' home at night, and he used to paint up a storm while he was sitting through the wee hours. Pity he wasn't very good at it, or he could have made a massive dent in my old lead pile.

    Cool verification word today: autemul

  7. I do phone=based customer service work. I've been doing it a long time and being a multitasker it's not all that hard to hold a conversation with a customer and apply paint or cut materials.

    My bosses are cool with it as long as my job performance doesn't slip. It actually helps me concentrate, because if I don't have something to occupy my hands, my mind wanders.


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