Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Is Bringing Me A New Camera!

Never underestimate the power of a grandmother wanting to see her grandbabies. After being reminded that my camera had gone missing, my mother not only got a great deal on a new camera for us, but she is overnighting it to us to make sure it is there by Christmas morning. Now, it's not anything amazing, but it is a hundred times the camera we had and should allow me to start collecting family pics again as well as assisting in the illustration of my blog.

So, let's hear it for my awesome mother who comes to the rescue with a last minute save!

Huzzah mumaw!



  1. I think I hear the creative wheels turning! An NPC type for MF that deals in lost items of technology and gifts them out to the PC's.

    Now I'm sure your mumaw is lovely, but I'm envisioning something you'd find in the Dark Crystal...

    word verification: skers

  2. I made up a Sker. :) Cool about your mother.

  3. No worries guys -

    A) Mom would totally dig it

    B) You aren't far off. My mother loves collecting this and that.

  4. 3 cheers...





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