Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Martian Settlements

this could be arranged along canals as narrow, canal-side settlements. The picture to the left gives you a look at the simple but effectivestreet orien
The Martian settlements project has been highly experimental but incredibly fun. I have been trying to find more and interesting ways to do them. This is one of those.

What you see is a table edge section of city with a fortifiefied city gate, towers and wall. This would be perfect to set up at the of the table so there is a bit of local color without having it be center stage. This is also the first piece that I tried using accent colors on, giving several of the buildings a crimson stripe as well as the towers and gate.

Future plans for this and other pieces like it include additional table edge sections or possibly modulare city interior pieces that will allow me to create cities of various sizes. Another thought is that pieces like this could be used along canals. The picture to the left show the orientation including a curious back alley.

Hope you like!



  1. looks good, what is that exactly? foam? what's the scale, or is it entirely cg? can't really tell from the photo here...

  2. I do and I think I've got a job for you if you are up for it. I'd like to get some modular pieces just like that crafted from your hand over the course of next year so I can play with my 2mm land ironclads. :)

  3. @Ze Bulette - They are scaled to around 1/1200 scale for fleet scale gaming. Constructed from cork tile and balsa wood cuts.

    @ArmChair - Let me finish your city first then we'll talk.


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