Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Isle of Doctor Necreaux

Last night at our weekly Game Night, I was introduced to a fun little card game called "The Ilse of Dr Necreaux". We played it once and I have to say it's really fun. It's an odd sort of card game in that it's a cooperative play game, with each player playing a member of the team.

At the beginning of the game you construct a character by selecting three character traits from randomly drawn cards. Using these abilities, you and your team go on a fast-paced race through the lair of Dr Necreaux, battling monsters, traps and looking for equipment and the key elements to win the game.

The game play here was described to me and very much resembled "Munchkin" but with the players all working together instead of against one another. The key difference to this game and others I've played is that it's all based on timing your pace through the lair. You set your speed and that determines how fast you go through the lair, but it also determines how many encounters you face before your next rest.

All in all the game was fun and showed potential. A big bonus was the art style of the cards which was a sort of nod to the likes of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. I found a lot of inspiring ideas that could be used in miniatures if I ever get back around to doing 28mm pulp sci-fi again.

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  1. I was going to say that looks like Ming the Merciless!

  2. We had great fun. For a good part of the game our team had been split in two by a sliding wall trap. One team breezed through and the other got it's butt handed to it.


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