Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Praise for Khurasan Miniatures

Howdy all,

I just thought I'd post a quick note singing the praises of Khurasan Miniatures. I placed an order with them on 8/13 and received them today on 8/17. Keep in mind, there was a weekend in there. They sent me the three lovely baggies of Garn that I ordered, giving me a total of 8 Garn , and even packed along a crisp little sample of one of their Colonial Marines with their standard rifle.

The Colonial Marines are nicely sculpted but I have one gripe and that is their lack of animation. These figures are wonderfully detailed and perfect for a mid-tech force, but they are all standing rod straight and barely even walking. I hope that WHEN (hint hint) they do some more poses that they will consider this and add a few more "tactical" poses into the mix.

Thanks for the great service Khurasan! I will order more soon I hope.



  1. Hey Eli,
    How do the Colonial Marines compare to other lines (Rebel minis, GZG) scale wise?
    The Garn are on my list to get along with some Space Demons!

  2. Alas, I do not own any GZG or Rebel, yet, so I cannot answer that.

    Mark over at Dropship Horizon may be able to give you a bit more insight.


  3. You don't have any Rebel minis stuff yet!? For shame! : )

  4. The gaming budget is tight and honestly, though their infantry are cool, I haven't had a need for that particular style of troops.


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