Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool Stuff from Ground Zero Games!

They are here!

Using his super secret wormhole, Jon has delivered my new building fittings in under a week. I ordered these on Thursday, same time as I ordered my stuff from Khurasan and they arrived today, only two days after Khurasan's stuff. From England to Washington state in only two days more than from New York. Amazing on both accounts.

Anyhow, this stuff is really cool. Even before I got it out of the package, I could see that the details were sharp and that they delivered every ounce of what they promised. There was minimal flash (cleaned off with a thumb nail) and mold lines were nonexistent. All the doors feature their own base and could, in theory, be painted and left unglued to any building so that they might be mixed, matched, and placed as needed.

BUD-3 Civilian Building Doors (6 - 4 single (2 types) and 2 double)

The double doors are perfect for the front doors to a mess hall or even a headquarters type building. They would also work for the opening to a MASH or some other. Sculpted without any windows and have a cool X-shape detail.

One of the single door types features a big, round portal window and strikes me as the sort of door that might be found on the front of a civilian dwelling. Thee other single door had no window and looks a little bulkier, featuring two blocky panels that give it a reinforced look making these perfect for storage sheds, side doors or roof access doors.

BUD-6 Roof Fittings A (2 large and 3 small Comms dishes, 4 enviro/power units)

This is a pretty meaty pack. The large dishes in here are quite big, making them perfect for command centers, colony hubs, field HQ, or media buildings. Though intended for building fittings, I don't see any reason they couldn't be put on a trailer or vehicle for field use.

The small dishes are less that 1/4 the size of the large dishes and would be perfect for residential satellite dishes, relay stations, field research stations, or even fitted onto a vehicle.

The enviro/power units are generic enough that they could be anything. These would make perfect details on any structure or, once again, on a trailer or vehicle as a mobile field generator.

BOD-7 Roof Fittings B (vents, exhausts, aircon units, aerial bases - 8 pieces)

Just what this pack offers. Ducting, vents, stacks and antennas. These are cool and add nice flare to buildings. The vents look like they would be equally at home on the side of a building as they would on the roof.


I WILL be buying more of these. In fact, I'd love to end up with a collection of these handy for those spur of the moment building projects. This was more of a sample buy to see how they looked and I now wish I had focused more on the doors instead of the roof fittings. I'll need more roof fittings to really outfit any buildings properly. I think my next purchase will be some of the solar panels, some more doors and some of the larger doors.

Sorry there aren't any pics with this review, but GZG's pics are good enough and do them justice, though I might suggest to Jon that he offer some pics of the contents laid out. The demo building is cool and definitely has a place in the catalog, but seeing actual pack contents is helpful and the demo building's angle doesn't give the best view.

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  1. Thanks for the info,
    These are definately on my (growing) list of 15mm goodies to buy!

  2. You are welcome. I am worried that if I start using these, my homemade windows and doors will look lame..;)


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