Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Experiment in Commerce

Hello all,

So after much poking and prodding from friends and family, I have decided to see if I can make a little money off of my hobby skills. In the past, I have sold off unused minis and/or painted miniatures, but this time it s my very own hand made rock formations as seen in an earlier post.

I have posted the first five I ever made on Ebay to see how they will sell. Here's hoping they do as I'd love to be able to make some more and see my hobby pay for itself a bit. Anyone who might be interest, check out the auction at the following listing -

Hand Made Wargaming Terrain - Rock Formations

Anyhow, as usual, thank you for reading and keep your collective fingers crossed for me.



  1. Great stuff Eli, go fo it!

  2. I'd certainly buy them Eli if I was in the US.

  3. Very nice! My only (minor) quibble is making sure you fill the ballast and rubble and flock all the way to the edge of the piece so you don't have any spots with just plain flat brown. Takes away from the great quality of the piece.

  4. Clambo,

    Future versions will be done with textured paint or grit mixed with paint. I didn't want the ballast to go all the way to the edge in all place so it would break up the round effect of the discs.


    Though I don't generally ship to the UK and Europe, I am sure I could make an exception for a "known entity".



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