Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where Does it Begin? (LONG)

While going through a few things I found a few of the sketches that I had scanned or cobbled together on the computer. As I was getting ready to move on, it occured to me that some folks might get a kick out of seeing some of them.

What I am collecting here are a few sketches of ideas that may or may not make it into miniatures. I do a lot of brainstorming and whole notebooks of paper three ruled and otherwise has tasted the sting of my manic pencil/pen. Take a look and enjoy. Some of it may seem like drivel, but that drivel often renders great results.

Some of them start as simple ideas sketched out in Paint -

Photobucket Photobucket

Others are done by finding an image of a vehicle I want to build off of and making some simple mods, also with Paint -

Photobucket T-80 Hovertank Conversion Idea

Some never make it past a sketch in a notebook or a doodle on whatever paper is handy, even a post-it -

Photobucket Laputian Aeronef Concepts Photobucket

I know this post was big, but I hope you enjoyed seeing the crazy places my ideas come from and some of my creative process.

Take care and thanks for reading,



  1. Eli,

    Man, that's some good work. I especially like the flying pods. That's an idea that might sell, you know?


  2. The two tank drawings are modifications of pics off the internet, but the rest of the stuff is all me.

    The flying pods were originally an idea I had for building alien aero-vessels out of beads. I am not sure I am up to trying to sculpt them from scratch.


  3. Very nice artwork Eli.

    Your Sci Fi Germans are really good.


  4. Thanks Mark,

    To be honest, it's hard to take praise for things that I just sort of "spit" out of my pencil.

    My dream is that some day I'll be able to bring such things into metal and putty either through conversion or raw sculpt.

    Today, I started my first ever 100% sculpt!

  5. Nice sketches! Some of those remind me of Cryx from War Machine.

  6. Atom Kid,

    Thanks for the compliment.

    I can see that, though the Cryx stuff was far from my mind when I did those. If I had to claim any inspiration it would have to be the clips for the never-to-be zombie movie "Worst Case Scenario" and the "Hellraiser" franchise as well as some of the current crop of survival horror computer games.

    The idea on the German "zombies" was to make them look like they really were on the forefront of Nazi scientific madness.

    The biggest problem with doing miniatures conversions for these guys is that they really wouldn't shine in 15mm, my scale of choice. I might do some up for my 28mm pulp adventure games if I get brave enough.



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