Sunday, April 26, 2009

Iron Mitten

In a trip through the various strands of the intrawebs, I came upon a beautiful historical miniatures bog titled Iron Mitten.

I have yet to read through the entirety of this blog because there is just so much to take in. From what I can tell the blog covers the hobby of one dedicated historical wargamer with a serious passion for the age of Rome. This blog is full of amazingly painted 28mm figures, but it's more than painting.

There are terrain projects, conversions and commentary on all the work that this gent and some of his gaming buddies have put into their figures. Add to that some lovely illustrations, battle reports and even some quite funny comic strips and Iron Mitten is a must read, even if you are not into the genre specifically. The vibe you get off of this guy and his gaming group is the same sort of vibe I aspire to in mine.

Thanks and check it out,



  1. It's really good Eli, you'll enjoy and worth the effort to read from the beginning.


  2. I really would like to get a nice logo for my blog like he has. I just lack the artistic talent and tools for that.



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