Friday, March 20, 2009

What I've Been Up To or How Do I Keep Getting Into These Messes?

A whirl of hobby stuff and nothing getting done.

What am I working on?

Too much stuff evidentally. But this is not a bad thing. Headway is headway and even if nothing in particular gets done, something does. I have been spreading myself across a few things and finding myself spread way too thin in any one place.

First off, I have been trying to do family stuff and spending less time online and at the hobby table, which is a good thing. Now onto the hobby stuff.

Most of my time has been spent working on terrain for 15mm sci-fi stuff. I had moved away from the 28mm Pulp stuff for a bit because we haven't been playing much of it and the Laputa VSF project is sort of on hold until I can get inspired again. For the 15mm sci-fi I have been working on -

1) Alien Tribal Huts - Converted plastic easter eggs and other domed structures.
2) Colony/Space Station Buildings - These are being made from various bits of packing, some containers and other cheap items but I am still trying to work out doors and other details.
3) Bug Holes - Another expanding foam project.
4) General scenics - This includes things like storage tanks, vaporators, comm towers, junk piles etc.

Besides the 15mm sci-fi terrain I also took advantage of Fantasy Flight's At-43 sale to purchase some more minis for use as Combat Walkers. I now have 12 of the TacArms to convert for my Chinese forces and three of the Kollosus walkers which should make really cool heavier walkers for one force or another (not sure which yet). The Kollosus really do look big enough for two crew inside and have about the same total volume in 15mm as a tank or other IFV. I have been seriously contemplating picking up one of the open-cockpit TacArms to convert to show a 15mm interior.

Let's see. What else?

Oh yes, remember those bits bugs I posted a while back? Well, the survival horror project I made them for went int othe bin but they are being revived as alien mounts for the 15mm sci-fi projec. It just so happens that a 15mm cavalry figure fits perfectly on their backs. So, I am currently working on what sorts of aliens I want riding them. I am thinking of something equivelant to alien camelry.

Really, I haven't been doing a lot of doing. It seems I spend a lot of time planning projects these days, but I suppose that's good too. But this leaves the question, what do I still have left to finish.

28mm pulp figures - 80%
15mm hovertanks - 50%
Custom Aeronef Fleet - Vaporware at this time
Dark Future Road Warrior Cars - 10%
Laputa Project - Planning stages
6mm Trojan War Project - 2%
Land Ironclads -60%

I'm sure there are more but nothing that constitutes a project persay.

So, that's what I've been up to.



  1. I jump around a lot on projects as well. Basically I go with whatever grabs my interest most at the moment. Of course this means nothing gets completed all at once and takes what seems like forever. I have been painting up figures for one project when some figure from another project catches my eye and then I am working on it instead of what I was working on.

    I have always been impressed by people who can start a project and go like mad and finish it all in one stroke. That is not me however.


  2. That too amazes me. I think if I had somethign definite like a tournament (which I do not play) or a convention game to motivate me, I might be able to do so, but otherwise I am really ADD when it comes to projects.

  3. +1 to the ADD thing, I almost never finish any of my RPG projects. :-/

  4. Me too Jim. A loto f my RPG ideas get started, even played, just seldom finished.

  5. LOL! I am also "a butterfly minded creature". It's a wargamers lot.

    I feel that March has slipped away and I've achieved nothing. But five more days and I'm free! Technically, Thursday lunchtime I can start clearing my desk in prep for moving to my new post. Then my life will return and I will be able to get back to wargaming properly - Hoorah!


  6. It takes all of my willpower to keep to the half dozen on-going projects as it is! I think all modellers are the same and Butterfly Modellers seams to be a good if not perfect term for it!



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