Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Off to Game Storm!

Howdy folks,

I am off to a local convention called Game Storm for the next four days. It's mainly a board gaming convention but there are plenty of RPGs and even some miniatures gaming to be had.

The schedule this year look promising with a few fun items on the list. Last year the final posted lists were even better and there are always pick-up games and the like. I'm not taking much with me this year, but I am planning on taking some Land Ironclads stuff I've been dying to play. I may bring along the laptop - what Hotel doesn't offer free wi-fi now days? If I do there may be the occasional update from the convention, but if not, I'll post on it when I get back.

One interesting tidbit that got me excited is finding out that the local company Exile Games will be in the dealers room and also running demos of their games. If you haven't had a chance, check out Hollow Earth Expedition also known as HEX. It's a pulpy romp through the 1930s with a focus on exploring a legendary land inside our very own Earth. Looking forward to gaming with the creators and picking up a print copy of the rules (I've got the PDF).

Anyhow, need to get things in order and prep to leave on the morrow.

Have fun. I know I will be!


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