Friday, October 24, 2008

Bits Bugs!


A friend of mine was kind enough to front me all his GW Tyranids bits from the various sets hes purchased in the past. I had wanted them so I could see what manner of mischief I could do with them. The result was some new hellish bugs for my survival horror game project and any other general horror stuff I might find myself up to.


The first thing I came up with are these spindle legged fellows. They have a Tyranid gun for a a body and a Tyranid Ripper for a head. the legs are Gaunt weapon arms with the weapons and hands clipped off. The legs have been drilled and lengths of thin wire inserted. The wire will be covered over with some putty to blend it into the rest of the limb. A little grey stuff and some paint and these should make fine horrific beasties.

As the project continues, I'll post some more pics but enjoy the WIP pics above for now.

Take care,


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