Monday, February 9, 2009

Dropship Horizon

Hello all,

I am sure that a good number of you have already read the TMP announcement of a new blog called Dropship Horizon. This is a blog after my own heart and it focuses on one of my favorite miniatures wargaming settings - hard sci-fi. The author of the blog shares many of the same inspirations that I have drawn from for my own 15mm sci-fi projects (I know, not that much of it here yet). Anyone interested in futuristic warfare that smacks of something "realistic" would be be advised to check out this blog.

Not only is Mark's blog a showcase for his nice work in the hobby, it's also full of informational bits on miniatures lines, conversion tips and a good dose of honest inspiration from both his own creativity and the various sources he draws from.

I have added a link from my own blog in the interests of networking like-minded and worthwhile blogs.



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