Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gaming Self-Starters - Poll Results

Hey all,

The poll is done and it looks like the majority of you folks that responded are what I call gaming self-starters. You are the guy/girl in your group that takes point on getting new games going and often end up fronting the bill for a good chunk of it.

I had honestly expected this to be a bit more balanced than it was. Either my blog is only read by those who find themselves interested in niche play that require some finessing to get started or perhaps this really is a more common thing than I had thought. I do know that I am not the only self-starter in my group. We have a couple of guys who take point on all the board game stuff in our group, so I'm not alone here.

Thanks to all who took time to vote and comment.



  1. Being a scientist, really I am, you pose an interesting question about the people who browse your blog and took the poll. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Now not to knock your blog, but it is a personal blog and I am guessing it does not have thousands of people checking it daily. That said, the people who do visit are the type who really enjoy the hobby and are motivated to seek out what others are doing in the hobby for both interest and inspiration. These I propose are the self starter type of people. So yes this poll may be a bit biased; not sure how to test this idea though.


  2. I kind of figured. But I really was just speaking to those who read anyhow.

  3. Oh well, nice to know we are in good company I guess!


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