Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaming Self-Starters

PhotobucketAs I contemplate where to go with my hobby in the new year, I find that many of my ideas are, for the most part, singular pursuits among my gaming group. Though in some cases, I have been able to generate interest in new genres, I do find that most of the time I am tilting at windmills hoping that I'll finally slay the giants of hesitation that grip many of the folks I play with. Don't get me wrong, my gaming buddies are all grand fellows and I wouldn't trade them in for anyone, but when it comes to minis games and ideas, they are a bit glacial.

So, I find myself engaged in frequent "self-starter" projects. These are any project where I find myself having to build up not only a single force, but also finding the rules and creating opponent forces as well. Though this can be fun, it is also overly taxing on an already limited gaming budget so I have had to slow down on these projects significantly.

Anyhow, thinking of these projects got me to wondering whether or not other folks find themselves in this position. To this end, I have thrown up a poll to see if I can gauge how many folks face this "problem".

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  1. Not only that, but I think I am a habitual 'self-starter'!

  2. Is your regular gaming group receptive to your start-ups?

  3. I am glad to read that I am not the only one with this problem. My biggest issue is that I get interested in a new genre or set of rules, and then can't get my group to play more than one or two games. Even after having enough material to field the game myself, terrain and minis included.

    Good luck, and remember you are not alone. Cheers.

  4. It's good to hear from folks on this. The poll is decidedly one-sided and I was wondering if I was clear on the question being asked.

    Captain, keep it up. Sometimes it takes a pause and then a restart from a different angle.

    I made the mistake of trying ot introduce my group to Rattrap's .45 Adventure playing it as a cooperative play game rather than a competitive play game. This broke the spirit of the game and created some lag and drag in how the game normally flows.

    I am hoping to reintroduce them to it, but this time allowing them to each take control of individual "gangs" of figs. This give each player a sense of personal identity, control and sparks the competetive nature of gamers which ultimately adds energy and interest to the game.


  5. I have a feeling that no matter what gaming group you ask, there is always the one person who usually provides the drive behind the group. This can be for a variety of reason: they have more free time, more money, more enthusiasm, talent, etc.

    I currently provide the drive behind my very small group; at least in the miniatures game department. Which is odd because I am an extremly slow painter and terrain builder. My buddy on the other hand is amazingly fast at both, however he just rarely does it. Go figure.


  6. Devon,

    Thanks for the comment on this topic. I totally understand what you are saying there.

    In our groups we all have an interest in just about everything but there are two guys who buy all the board games. They are the board game guys. They know who makes what, who sucks and who's worth buying, etc, etc.

    One of those guys and myself are the RPG guys. We pick up the rules, the supplements, etc. I do all the GMing for the RPGs, though.

    Then you have me, who is the Miniatures Guy. I know who's who in the industry. I'm the one who knows who makes that oddball fig you want. We all play a couple of core games with personal investments, but when it comes to new minis games, it's all on me until I can spark an interest in the rest of the group.

  7. I sure as hell am in the same situation as you. It's very frustrating. I guess I'm just too picky about what I like.

    Regarding what Larskyler said above. I agree. I remember in school that whenever we worked in groups a leader always emerged who had all the ideas and did most of the work. It's the same with hobby groups it seems. Unfortunately for me, I am not a leader, nor a follower... so I end up playing on my own!


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