Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parrot Men Mounts

So, I was thinking about the wonderful Death Rays over at Victoria's Boys in Red and was inspired to try and figure out a way that I could do something similar for one of the various projects I'm working on (of course that means yet another project) and it occurred to me that the flightless Parrot Men might need something to get them around.

What I decided on was a pterosaur or something like it. The world of the Parrot Men is a tropical, primordial place complete with dinosaurs and strange creatures. I figured that the Parrot Men might make use of the rookeries of pterosaurs that nest in the cliffs and mammoth trees where they themselves make their homes.

The problem come in finding a good, nicely done pterosaur model or toy that would require little or no conversion. A repaint is likely to occur with any plastic toy, so that I not a problem. I am going to see what I can find out there but this fell below would fit the bill nicely.


  1. Check out Schleich, Safari Ltd. and Carnegie. They make some very nice toy dinos. The triceratops on my Venus are Schleich, and the brontosaur is Carnegie. I bet you could find a suitable pterosaur. But modeling the legs of the Kroot to ride it might be tough.

  2. With the Kroot being plastic and not attached to bases, I can't imagine they will be too difficult. I little cutting at the knees and some clever putty work and poof, riding kroot.

    The hardest part, I can imagine, is going to be finding a mount that scales up right for them. If i can't find a flying mount for them, I may have to find some sort of flightless bird mount they can ride as cavalry. I wonder if I could convert plastic chickents to look menacing enough?

  3. Plastic chickens? I don't think so. Schleich makes ostriches, or emus, or something, I am pretty sure.

    Ebay has some Schleich pterosaur types right now. Put in a search for Schleich dinosaur.

    And I guess you are just braver than me at the whole cut them off at the knees thing. Maybe I'll order some extra leg bits from and give it a shot. Do you get your bits from them? They are great to deal with.

  4. I was being flip about the chickens. Well, at least somewhat.

    The key to making infantry into cavalry almost always comes down to cutting them at the knees or the crotch, or both.

    I have dealt with Neal over at the Warstore before. He's a great guy and runs a great business. I have not ordered bits from him. I have bought all my Kroot bits on Ebay. Tere are a couple of good bits sellers there if you are looking for parts from the various figure sprues.

    Speaking of ebay, I'll have to check for the pterosaurs.


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