Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In The Tall Tall Grass


After reading some very cool ways to do tall grass and finding myself woefully unable to find the materials to do so, I began to experiment with other materials and such and finally found something that I liked. It came in the form of a product from the fish supply section of the local Walmart called breeder grass.


The breeder grass comes in boxes of something like 16-20 (can't recall and don't have the box to check) individual tufts attached to a plastic grid that is designed to be buried under your tank gravel. Take the tufts off the grass and fix them to round bases. Touch up each tuft with some drybrushing of a lighter color along the upper halves of the blades and then add textured ground material.


The end result is several individually based pieces of tall grass that can be used for a variety things. You can place them individually or in small groups for accents on the table or in larger patches to create expanses of tall grass. Because they are individually based, you can make paths through them in whatever formation you want or even move them out of the way to show minis moving through, without having to remove the grass from the board.

I will say it likely takes a bit longer to complete than some of the other versions for tall grass, but it is resilient, cheap ($3-4 per box) and still as, if not more, flexible than some of the other methods.



  1. I think it would work well for some of the open areas of Venus or even as undergrowth in some of the less densely treed areas.


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