Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inspiration - Martian Hand Cannons?

Dark Elf Arquebows

Remember the great line of fantasy figures that Grenadier put out for their Fantasy Warriors miniatures game? Well, I do and I was thrilled to find out that Mirliton now carries what appears to be the whole range of miniatures. But what got my attention was these fellows above.

The figures pictured above are "Dark Elf Arquebows" and were intended as some sort of odd heavy crossbow trooper. I always thought they might make a nice addition to the RAFM Martians for VSF battles. Converting their crossbows to guns, they suddenly become heavily armored hand cannonneers. Perhaps they could be a heavy troop type for the various city states?

For me, they seem to work well with their swept up helmets, flared shoulders, and bare legs. They very much look like they could have marched forward from one of the royal houses on Mars to join the fight along side or against the colonial forces. Perhaps if my gaming journeys ever take me to Mars, I'll pick some up. For those of you already battling it out on the dusty red planet, you may want to have a look.



  1. That's a great find, Eli... they would look good as hvy crossbow for a Tekumel unit.


  2. Greg,

    I do not know enough about Tekumel, but will defer to your epertise. I am sure they are useful for other things too.

    I am just happy that the line is alive again. They had some fine barbarian figs as well as others.


  3. If I didn't already have a good number of figures in hand already, I think these might have made an appearance on the table. As it is, I am still thinking about buying some. Thanks for pointing them out!

    Not that my wife or my wallet will appreciate it, you understand.

  4. I doubt I'll ever end up playing VSF in 28mm (or 15mm for that matter) but I thought they were worth posting. I like looking out for my gaming chums, even if it's not something I might use/do.



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