Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zombie Mania


My group and I have been skirting around the idea of playing a zombie miniatures game for ages now. We are all avid zombie enthusiasts but every time we talked about doing a game there was one reason or another for not doing it - not enough time, short on funds, "just another game". Whatever the reason, we never really got off the ground. So, when the most recent discussion came up, I decided to see if I could make it happen.

I had purchased Two Hour Wargames' "All Things Zombie" ages ago but shelved it to look for a different rules set. Digging it out and reading it again, I decided to give it another chance. ATZ is a heavily abstracted rules set with a lot of good campaign mechanic. I've always been one for stat blocks and a lot of character, so it took a change in my gaming mentality for me to look at it seriously. Anyhow, I had a rules set to start with and now I needed figures.

I decided I wasn't up for buying a whole new set of minis from scratch and set out to see what I had on hand. I did not have many zombies or many survivors. What I did have was a ton of 15mm terrain and a bunch of minis from various aborted projects. I had a ton of Vietnam Era US soldiers as well as a collection of Peter Pig AK47 Republic figs. This was my start. But I was going to need zombies.

I found my source for zombies in a bunch of Peter Pig figs that are supposed to be some sort of armed mob for pirate games. They are very generally detailed and would work well for conversion into zombies. I'd only have to clip the weapons out of their hands and then repose some of them. I figure I'd get out the ol' putty and add some gore to a few and remove a couple of limbs to create that truly ragged look.

So, the project is in full swing now. I've converted and based 50+ zombies as well as almost a dozen zombies animal including pigs! Now I just need to put paint to them and then I'll start working on survivors and National Guard units (found a use for some of the 'Nam era soldiers).

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