Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dino Repaint

So, I thought I'd fill some space with a quick post of a project I had thrown together some time this last year (can't recall when). I had been redying for some Lost World adventures using the ".45 Adventure" rules from Rattrap Productions and found myself lacking in the dino department. In a quick move, I scored a tube of cheap plastic dinosaurs at the local craft supply store on one of my runs. Many of he dinosaurs in the set were unusable, being too small or too squat in their proportions. The few that were usable were treated to a quick no frills dry-brushing and some touch-ups to make them look more natural.

Raptor Repaint

My favorite was a raptor (pictured above). This dinosaur was large enough to be something like a Utahraptor or something. It was too big and too muscular for later, smaller raptors. I decided to dress it up with a bit of conjectural styling, adding a nose crest with some green stuff. I painted it in a neutral brown scheme with some mottled striping along the back and then decided it needed some color for attracting mates which came in the form of blue under its eyes and on the nasal crest. The feet looked a bit unnatural due to the cheap plastic casting, so I decided to obscure them a bit with foliage on the base.

Overall, I am happy with the overall effect, especially considering how little work I actually out into it. I am planning on going back to it later o try and improve the overall effect, but painting has never been my strong suit and I'm afraid I'd screw up a perfectly serviceable mini.
Thanks again for reading and let me know what you think,



  1. It is a great system with the right blend of stats and ease of play.


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